Catalina Winter Holiday

Catalina Winter Holiday

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dining Table and Totem

Micky and I found this table in an alley behind her mom's house. The top was completely warped from the weather, but the frame was good, so we grabbed it. After a bit of cleaning up, I began investigating the costs of a glass top for it. Upon realizing that it would be about the same price as a new table, we decided to have Home Depot cut us a piece of wood to fit the opening. We then painted it with plates and "silverware" for both of us, plus two special guests. The plates are representations of the people's personalities at each of the six settings.

The totem was carved in Brazil from one piece of wood. Inside of the totem is a slightly rounded rectangle with a ball inside of it. Each piece is contained within the next (totem has rectangle has ball). I painted the ball, rectangle and totem different colors/designs by separating them with saran wrap. I can't imagine ever trying to carve this from one piece. I bought it in Brazil in 2009 without paint.

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