Catalina Winter Holiday

Catalina Winter Holiday

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brazilian Ingenuity

The pictures of spices were taken at markets in Sao Paulo and Rio. What we would call "farmer's markets" here is simply how a wide range of Brazilian society gets their produce. There is certainly a significant presence of supermarket chains, but the out door markets are still a significant distributor of produce. They are much more concerned than Americans with regards to presentation beyond the color, feel and shape of the produce itself. It was quite impressive.

The pictures of the crafts were taken at Embu Das Artes near Sao Paulo. It is an amazing town that fills up with crafters on the weekends. It's several square blocks of shoulder-to-shoulder booths, and stores on both sides of the street. Because they don't have money for first-hand materials, you will find lots of creative up-cycled crafts. At one particular restaurant we went to in Brazil, we found a boat (think Pilgrims) made of match sticks. If you have chance to go, it's well worth the trip to marvel at their creativity and works of art. Unfortunately for the artists, Brazilians often value art based upon its material costs. You will find very low prices on almost all art sold by street vendors in Embu. The artwork in the stores is a bit of a different story.

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